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Investment in social media is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! As a kitchen designer, it is essential you are 'in tune' with your potential customers; gone are the days when a local Yellow Pages listing was all it took - Potential customers now seek social validation, real-life reviews and success stories that promote the lifestyle they crave.


The social media world is here to stay

The best thing about social media and most digital marketing is that it is FREE.

Regular, engaging posts that inspire and promote brand awareness can drive your business to the next level, but doing this inhouse this can be a real drain on time and resources.


Harness the power of social media with our 'Pick and Mix' list of options which will give you the digital presence you need to reach new customers.


Social media management

We can set up your social media profiles, create and post engaging content and reach out to new customers.

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Before & After photography/video

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People always love good news stories, especially before and after shots as these will give your projects the WOW factor – VISUALLY. These engaging stories are Social Media gold.

Pick the services you want

Showroom marketing

Showroom & testimonial video

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently purchased it.

We can create a stunning video promoting your showroom that acts as your TV style advert on the internet.

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Website design & build

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Every business needs a presence on the internet, yet so many websites are frustratingly complicated to run.


We offer high-quality design and website building
for kitchen showrooms across the country, ensuring the finished product is easy to use and update.


"Simon has recently updated our marketing strategy and help with a rebrand of our new company
 I can highly recommend Simon his dedication and attention to detail is excellent!" - D. Hall


"MDH worked with us for nearly a year. During this time their passion and dedication were exemplary. They handled our social media content and produced some fantastic 'Explain my Business' videos. I would recommend them to any business looking for someone who will really care about doing a good job, and come up with the goods." - H. Lord



Web design & Build

It is likely you already have a website, but is it as good as it can be? Your on-line ‘shop window’ needs to be current, inspiring and fresh.


We offer high-quality, cost effective website building for kitchen showrooms, with the end goal in mind – Lead generation.




Our Professional Showroom Photographers will take studio photos for brand promotions on your website and for publications, but can also visit customer homes to take ‘end of project shots’.


One thing is for sure; we’ll create the perfect image for your brand, designed to engage and convert.


Click above to see example video​



At the heart of what we do is storytelling – driven by insight and fuelled by a passion for delivering memorable and effective video campaigns.


We help showrooms take on the challenge of making video an integral part of their communication strategy.

Whether it's testimonial videos, explainer videos or overview videos, our expert team will make your showroom look stunning.


Social media

Once we understand your business and what you offer, we start using your social media accounts to engage your customers with the perfect mix of marketing messages and related content. In addition to your services and products, we use information from your website along with optional industry facts, trivia and tips.


In essence, we manage your social media, while you manage your business.


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