The social package

Social media marketing, making you look good

Essential for any restaurant 

What's included?

  • Social media management across all needed platforms

  • Photography

Social media

Our team of social media experts will then create a number of posts that will go out each day, based all around your brand.


We'll ensure your restaurant has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Trip Advisor.


We will monitor everything and reply to customers, responding quickly to their questions and comments.


Everything we post on social media is designed to encourage more patrons to visit and, just as importantly, keep them coming back! 

Beautiful photography

Creativity, perfectionism, and beautiful lighting, in combination with some fantastically talented food stylists, allow us to produce eye-catching imagery much sought after by clients, art directors and designers alike.


A great photograph is never a fluke - you may not know why it's special or how we made it that way, but the fact remains that certain fundamentals still came together to make it happen.


Our talented team of trusted photographers will ensure we get the very best images possible, ensuring your restaurant stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Stunning video

Stand apart from the competition

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Entice new patrons by using our stunning bespoke video.

Our videographers will arrange in advance what dishes need to be filmed and will create a series of social media friendly videos.

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